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The International Church, Mansfield, UK

Church for Congregation of 3000

The client is a church with a congregation expanding exponentially.

After reviewing potential sites in their area this site was selected. Originally a quarry and then an industrial site the land lies in a dramatic valley between two rock faces, with a river running through it.

The river was culverted under the industrial buildings but is opened up with this scheme.

The building form is designed to reflect the serpentine form of the river and rock faces and the three materials of the vertical cladding panels (stone, brick and glass) represent the quarry, the industrial heritage and the transparent yet reflective quality of the modern church.

The building height has been restricted at the rear to minimise the impact on the houses on Bath Lane and the design incorporates a green roof, which these houses overlook and which contributes both to the sound insulation of the building and the ecology of the site.