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New Life Church, Redcar, UK

The church’s building in Redcar was subject to a compulsory purchase order, which included the provision of an alternative plot of land in addition to financial remuneration.

After a number of years and various sites having been considered and the not progressing, a plot was secured in a residential area of Redcar.

The brief called for the balancing of required spaces with a known budget. The design needed to be simple and cost-effective, blend with the scale, design and materials of the surrounding residential properties, but make a statement of its function.

The resulting scheme is a rectangular, portal-frame block, clad in brick and render, housing the main hall, small hall, upper hall and ancillary facilities, with an octagonal tower cutting one corner forming the entrance and circulation space.

The building was completed on budget and provides a calm and welcoming environment for the church and the community of which it is becoming the heart.