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Lifespring Church, Ollerton, UK

The church was meeting in a 1930’s former methodist chapel, on a tight site in the centre of New Ollerton. With a growing church membership and increasing demand from community groups there was a need for a larger building, but a desire to remain in their location.
Three layout options were considered: 1) to build on the car park in front of the existing with an undercroft car park and church at first floor; 2)to build on the side for new community rooms and (3) to build a new church hall at the side and adapt the existing to community rooms.
Option (3) was chosen and developed. A glazed entrance sits in front of the existing building’s facade, which is retained with the arched former windows adapted to form the opening to the café which utilises the vaulted ceiling of the original building. To the left the entrance leads into the modern church extension and the remainder of the existing building houses meeting rooms, toilets, stores and kitchen.