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Cultural Centre Proposal, Northwich, UK

This was a RIBA two stage design competition entry for The Northwich Regeneration Partnership, to design a cultural centre to be located at Baron’s Quay, Northwich. A selection of the building spaces were for an auditorium / dance space, gallery space, public interactive space, office space, tourist information point, restaurants and bars.

The concept centred around the river, with potential to construct a bridge link over the river at a later stage. Due to this design, the building was split into two elements, one being the performance spaces and offices, the other being the public spaces. The building also had to fit into the existing urban grain of the town centre, achieved by linking existing streets and market squares to the new public square created on the waterfront.

The materials chosen were timber and zinc cladding, timber because the historical nature of the site as a timber yard and zinc to give a contrast, so the usage of the two types of buildings were distinctive from one another.